Everyone wants to look young. Everyone wants to have that perfect face and that perfect figure of a teenager. In fact, the perfect phrase for it is growing young as the years go by. And people, especially ladies, can kill to achieve this.206541,xcitefun-perfect-teenager-1

How exactly does aging occur?

As we grow old, the hormone levels in our bodies begin decrease, and the decline in growth hormone levels specifically results in old cells and a low cell regeneration in our bodies. The fact that we have amazing scientists in this world means that all the problems we have in our lives are solved sooner rather than later. And the solution to this is already out.

Now, aging is not only about sagged skin and white hair and creaking bones said Jason Hope. It also brings with it a trail of diseases and dysfunctions. If you thought you were safe because you don’t really care about how you look, then you might want to reconsider that.
Some of the areas that anti-aging medicine has been a success include:

• Therapeutics involving stem cells- this involves altering cellular sources that cause disorders, diseases and dysfunctions. Keep in mind that stem cells are the cells that generate other cells (As weird as that sounds).

• Cloning – human tissues and cells are cloned and are used in case of emergencies and in treatment of essential organs. In real sense, you will have a spare’ set of organs in case the ones you have are diseased.

• Genetic engineering has led to alteration of genes that cause disorders, dysfunctions and diseases. This means that the likelihood of the diseases and dysfunctions will be very low.

• Nanotechnology has led to deployment of micro-sized equipment into the tissues to micro-surgically repair damaged tissues in the body as well as monitor the tissues themselves.

As you can see, technology has had its fair share of contribution in anti aging. Now, most people will tell you a lot of stuff about your physical appearance, and that is due to the popular belief that aging is actually physical. As a matter of fact, if you deal with your internal body organs, your external appearance will follow suit. And you will not only look younger but you will also live longer.

Therefore, as you look for an anti aging product, ensure you look for a product that will not only change your outward appearance, but also increase your lifespan.

Other common anti-aging solutions

1. Exercising

This helps in getting rid of toxic wastes from the cells, hence making your cells live longer. Try to exercise for thirty minutes every day. That will do the trick as far as anti aging is concerned.

2. Good Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet ensures that your cells remain active, and that they are regenerated with ease and at the precise point they should be. Eating healthy has be overemphasized time and time again, so you know how important it is.

3. Manage your stress

Everyone gets stressed at one point in their lives. The important thing is how you deal with that stress. Try to find effective ways to deal with that stress so that it doesn’t take a huge toll in your body. It is estimated that one hundred cells in your body die each second you are stressed. Now that might seem like a drop in the ocean considering the number of cells in your body, but trust me, that is quite a number.alizee-hot

These anti aging tips will go a long way in helping you look younger, so try to follow them religiously.

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